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New solutions for the heart- an update in advanced perioperative protection, B.K.Podesser and D. Chambers editors. Springer Verlag 2011
ISBN 978-3-211-85547-8 

Trescher,K; Hasun ,H; Baumgartner,A; Dietl,W; Wolfsberger,M; Hallström, S; Podesser BK; New HTK-N46B cardioplegia provides superior protection during ischemia/reperfusion in failing hearts. J Cardiovasc Surg (Torino) 2013pp


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[SCI: ISI:000297708200028; JIF: 6.128; WoS Zit: 1;


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[SCI: ISI:000291741700013; JIF: 6.128; WoS Zit: 5;


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[SCI: ISI:000275639700017; JIF: 4.608; WoS Zit: 6;


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[SCI: ISI:000265884300002; JIF: 2.643; WoS Zit: 6;


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[SCI: ISI:000263062400008; JIF: 2.631; WoS Zit: 7;


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[SCI: ISI:000234308700034; JIF: 2.992; WoS Zit: 15;


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[SCI: ISI:000178318900048; JIF: 10.255; WoS Zit: 5;


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[SCI: ISI:000169609200008; JIF: .646; WoS Zit: 2;


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WoS Zit: 0;


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[SCI: ISI:A1993LM48200009; WoS Zit: 5;


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